Security, Safety & Consulting, LLC

Security, Safety & Consulting, LLC

Services Security, Safety & Consulting, LLC can provide.

Security Guards

Our armed/unarmed Security Officers provide the following duties:

  • Patrols to prevent and detect signs of intrusion 
  • Answer alarms and investigate disturbances
  • Monitor for unauthorized entrances
  • Compose daily reports of activities
  • Retail Security
  • Fire Watch 
  • Emergency Security Details for the same day
  • Provide security for schools

Our Consultants conduct the following:

  • Risk Assessments to determine the likeliness of a security deficiency
  • Damage Assessments
  • Generate Security and Safety Policy Manuals with a CD
  •  Update Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Chemicals Logs
  •  Any other security consulting our clients would require

Past Performances 

Damage Assessments in Florida after Hurricane Irma

Range Training, Uniform, and Gate Guard Detail

Our Clients will be able to get daily reports of what our Security Officer are doing during shift.
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